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'Ethical Business is not a practice but a way of life'

At Sri Lanka Apparel we firmly believe that eventually it is ones DNA that becomes the strategic business advantage in hyper competitive business environments. No wonder then, when Asia was emerging as a prominent Global Fashion and Apparel Outsourcing hub in the last decade, Sri Lanka stood out as the only outsourcing destination that spoke the language of ‘Ethical Business and Manufacturing Practices'.

We take pride in saying that Ethical Business Practices and Responsible Commerce at Sri Lanka's Apparel Industry are not a response to increasing need and demand for 'Ethical Products' and satisfy Business Compliance , but has been a Way of Life for last 30 years across the 350 plants and over 1 Million strong workforce.

Commitment to these highest standards of Business Ethics perhaps made us a leading evangelist and first Apparel Industry Brand globally to champion this cause.