SRI LANKA: Fabrics firm puts Speedo LZR in fast lane

Sri Lanka's Stretchline Holdings, a specialist in performance enhancing apparel products, was one of the firms that helped Speedo produce the LZR Racer swimsuit that has proved so popular at the Olympics. just-style has learnt that two elements holding the LZR Racer together, and on the swimmer's body, were developed in the R&D centres of the Sri Lankan joint-venture company.


Stretchline originally developed the elements, called Stay4sure and the Bond-Elast, to be used in lingerie and activewear, before the two innovations were spotted by Speedo when the swimwear company was on the look-out for components for the LZR Racer. Stay4sure is a sticky silicone that is placed at the ankle of the swimsuit. It gently adheres to the skin and forms an extra seal to help hold the suit in place during use. The Bond-Elast, seam reinforcement tape can be bonded over the ultrasonically welded seams of the swimsuit, instead of stitching, to create a flat seam. "The LZR Racer comprises two components that were developed by Stretchline Holdings. They are the 'Stay4sure' sticky-silicone, and the 'Bond-Elast' seam reinforcement tape," a spokesperson for Stretchline's confirmed to just-style. Speedo worked with experts in the areas of aerospace, engineering and medicine, and conducted 3D body scans of 400 top global athletes to develop LZR. Prior to the Olympics, swimmers had broken 52 world records wearing the swimsuit since its February launch, and success has continued with medal domination in Beijing. The Stretchline Holdings is a joint-venture between Stretchline UK, MAS_Holdings Sri Lanka and Brandot_International Ltd of USA.