Abhimani; the pride of Sri Lanka

The apparel sector, which generates 45% of the country’s export earnings, is almost completely powered by women, who comprise close to 90% of the total employees. The industry directly employs nearly 300,000 people and touches the lives of about a million, channeling much needed funds to rural communities.


The garment sector caters to most of the leading brands in the international market such as Marks and Spencer, GAP, Tommy Hilfiger, Abercrombie and Fitch. All these companies insist on strict production standards being met and ethical working conditions for the employees, to which the country’s garment sector conforms fully.


Further the industry provides ample opportunities mainly for female employees to progress in their career. The individual companies as well as the Joint Apparel Association Forum conduct many programmes to develop the skills of the employees and provide them with opportunities to climb up the career path. Many of the employees undergo training in technology, human resources development & soft skills development and are able to take advantage of a range of schemes and services provided to them by their employers.


The garment sector is an industry that offers the promise of job security and growth, in spite of the volatile situation faced by the global economy.  Earning over 39% of the total industrial production in the country, the young women working in the garment factories all over the country contribute greatly to the economic development of the country. “The immense contributions made by the apparel sector workers towards the much needed foreign exchange in sustaining the national economy should be recognized by the society” said Channa Palansooriya, Board Member of BOI speaking about the career prospects in the garment sector.


“The Apparel Industry is a leading sector in the export economy accounting for almost half of country’s export earnings. This is a significant achievement. Our success stems directly from the workforce, and the campaign is a tribute from the nation to the Apparel workers whom we call ‘Abhimani’ ” said Mr. Ajith Dias, Chairman of JAAF.


Today, we JAAF together with the BOI launch a campaign to pay tribute to all these thousands of dedicated women who bring pride and kudos to our country. Hence the ovation of the title “Abhimani” for them.


The country will honour these dedicated women through the Abhimani campaign. It will shed light on many services rendered by the young women who work in the garment sector, one of the country’s biggest income generators. The young females in the sector, from the machine operators to female executives are all responsible for earning the largest export revenues in their country. They provide an essential component of services in the sector which is directly reflected in the production levels of the industry, the more they produce more income not only for the industry but for the country as well.


These young women are the main bread winners of their families. They bring hope, wealth and much needed stability to their families. Many are able to take care of their parents and look after the education and wellbeing of their siblings. At the same time, many manage to acquire qualifications and progress in their career building a future for themselves. The Abhimani campaign aims to shed light onto such lives and bring out the true spirit and the pride of Sri Lanka’s women of courage, who toil hard for their family, village and their country. Abhimani will add pride and value to the hard labour of these young females who have woven many success stories for the country to be proud of.

Source : Press Release