Ethics fighting against price Lanka apparels to go Green

Sri Lanka’s apparel industry says it would take its campaign for ethical manufacturing practices called ‘Garments without Guilt’ to the next level by promoting sustainable manufacturing and encouraging garment factories to go green. The Garments without Guilt (GWG) campaign was launched by the Joint Apparel Associations Forum (JAAF) several years ago to educate western retailers that Sri Lanka’s


garment industry upheld international labour standards where factories were not sweatshops, provided decent working conditions and other benefits to workers, and where children had no place in factories.


Chairman of the Apparel Exporters’ Association Kumar Mirchandani speaking to the Island Financial Review said the campaign would go on to the next level where GWG would not only mean decent working conditions but sustainable manufacturing process.


"We would now encourage all our factories to implement green initiatives, establish clean production processors and create sustainable carbon friendly environments," he said.


Sri Lanka has been able to challenge competition by showcasing our Ethical Manufacturing practices with GWG. Many were sceptical when we started, but our stance is now known worldwide and has granted us recognition beyond our initial expectations," Mirchandani said.


"After careful study and analysis of the next move we need to make, we have identified that going green would be absolutely essential in the years to come.  Above all, it is the right thing to do and must be done by all apparel makers hoping to compete in the years to come," he said.


The Sri Lanka Apparel Exporters’ Association is conducting a seminar for the industry titled "The Future of Apparel - 10 Easy Steps to Going Green" next week.


Mirchandani said, however, that ethical manufacturing alone would not help woo retailers who are constantly demanding for cheaper prices, stressing the need for a continuance of GSP Plus trade concessions.


Paying for ethical



One of the conditions for GSP Plus concessions is that Sri Lanka ratified and implement International Labour Organisation’s core labour standards, but Mirchandani said countries that have not ratified these convensions benefited because they could offer cheaper prices.


There is a cost to maintain ethical labour practices but western retailers are not interested in paying a little extra.

Source :  Daily Financial Review