MAS Holdings chief highlights challenges in apparel industry

The challenges before the apparel industry are to achieve quality, timely delivery and matching international standards to meet the high international competition in the global market to remain as an industry with growth and profitability.


Innovation plays a key role in this effort and local apparel manufacturers should attempt to improve innovative products to achieve as an industry, Chairman, MAS Holdings, Mahesh Amalean told Daily News Business.


He said if the European Union decides to continue the GSP+ concession it would not only be beneficial to the apparel industry, but also to all other industries or exporters who target the European market.


The GSP+ concession has helped the apparel industry and other industries to increase the volume of exports to the European market.


“Our trade relationships with a large number of countries which import our products is important to develop industries successfully. Therefore, those who are engaged in the apparel sector and other sectors should promote good trade relationships as widely as possible”, Amalean said.


He said MAS Holdings launched the Amante brand in India two years ago and the progress made by the company was commendable.


Since India has a vast market it is important to unlock the potential in India especially by promoting quality brand names and local brands, which could compete with the best in the industry.


With the dawn of peace, investor confidence has revived and there will be more direct foreign investments flowing into the country, which will also create many job opportunities and setting up industries in all parts of the country.


Investments are increasing in the apparel industry and in industries such as tourism, financial, ceramic-wear, processed food and other agricultural products, he said.


The Apparel Innovation Training Centre (AITC) will provide a foundation for training and education to create industry leadership in lean manufacturing and innovation, which will help to raise the quality and craftsmanship of Nike products.


The opening of this factory is a milestone, as Sri Lanka will be highlighted on the world map to supply Nike products and set up the AITC in Thulhiriya, Amalean said.