New garment plant opened in post-war east

The Tri-Star Apparel Group has opened a new garment factory specialising in baby clothes, in the war affected Trincomalee District of Sri Lanka's Eastern Province.


The week-end opening marked the first apparel factory to launch in post-war Trincomalee, and will initially export all of its output to the UK.


"This factory [in Trincomalee] specialises in manufacturing baby clothes," the chairman of the Tri-Star Group, Kumar Devapura told just-style.


"Right now it has the capacity to produce 100 pieces per month. In six months we will increase capacity to 1.2m - 2m pieces per month.


"We are at the moment fully booked up. It is 100% exports into the UK," said Devapura.


The company said it has not seen a drop in orders due to the global economic downturn although Sri Lanka's overall export earnings declined in the months of May and June.


The Tri-Star Group produces about 24m pieces of clothing per year from its 12 garment factories. The group specialises in men's wear, ladies' wear, children's wear and baby wear.


Tri-Star is one of the first garment companies to use the Government's special incentive scheme to attract investments into the Eastern Province.


The factory has generated 1,000 jobs in Trincomalee. In return the company gets a tax holiday from the Government.