Apparel industry to promote and re-brand the country

The apparel industry has embarked on a five year strategy to position the country as a leading producer in the world market. A lot of effort is taken to promote and re-brand the country, Secretary General Joint Apparel Association Forum (JAAF) Rohan Masakorala said.


The industry targets a five billion dollar turnover by 2011, he said.


The apparel industry recorded a growth in the first quarter and a downward trend in the second quarter. A flat rate is expected in the third quarter.


“We have taken the country forward with the winning of Global Effie Award for the “Garments Without Guilt” campaign. The sector needs an effective marketing drive to derive benefit from this recognition. Not only winning the award, but also it is important to capitalize on this achievement.


The value of the campaign rested on its development and conceptualization which took the country to a higher level”, he said. Sri Lanka was the first Asian country to win a Global Effie Award.


“The apparel manufacturing process should be eco-friendly and the sector needs the support of the Government to achieve its goals as the situation will improve with the end of the recession. We are looking ahead of economic crisis and we need to be geared to face the next stage,” he said.