Sri Lanka well placed on ILO work plans

Sri Lanka is at the forefront in the International Labour organization 'decent work standards' in the region, said Director of ILO Colombo Tina Staermose at the workshop on Social Dialogue on Decent Work for a Fair Globalization held yesterday in celebrating ILO’s 90th anniversary worldwide.


“The Decent Work Country Programme is very much integrated into the Sri Lankan agenda along with the key concept of social dialogue. The eight core standards of our international criterion for decent work have been successfully embraced by Sri Lanka,” said Ms. Staermose stating that, “Sri Lanka has ratified all of them along the years”.


Certain governmental plans on development including the 10 year horizontal development plan in ‘Mahinda Chinthana’ also promote the decent work concept, she said. “Sri Lanka was the first in the sub region to adhere to a policy on decent work as well,” she alleged. In order to keep up with the sustainable growth and social security, the government also annually allocates funds from the national budget to promote decent work as per the horizontal development plan.


Many programmes have been conducted through out the years in collaboration with the ILO in enhancing and developing the labour force of the country. The most recent being the programmes in the East. Under this, three programmes have been organized in the Eastern Province to encourage labour based productivity and development.


“The ILO has also been known as a vehicle for providing technical assistance to Sri Lanka,” claimed Programme Officer of ILO Sri Lanka, Ravindra Samithadasa at the event. Under its technical espousal, programmes to promote youth employment have been initiated in Kegalle and Rathnapura with the collaboration of the Ministry of Youth Affairs. Also labour based employment structures have been carried out islandwide alongside Class D and below road construction project in Amapra. “Integration of micro and small scale enterprises in the North Central and North Western provinces are being conducted; and we hope to carry out a child labour programme as well,” he said.


Under the youth employment project the Ministry of Youth Employment has also signed a memorandum of understanding with the People’s Bank for micro financing the scheme.