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Development Programs


Development Programs are aimed at medium and small scale Member Enterprises who are seeking to build global competence to become world-class Apparel Solutions Providers. Sri Lanka Apparel through these strategic initiatives facilitates 'professional growth' for such deserving 'Entrepreneur' based businesses who want to grow but require guidance and support for 'Holistic Development'. The key programs designed keeping these businesses in mind are:

Chartered Institute of Marketing Apparel Marketing Program

A PG Professional Diploma in Apparel Marketing that empowers apparel marketers with the right knowledge in both apparel and general marketing techniques. It prepares marketers to be able to effectively deal with apparel.

Fashion Design and Product Development Program

A program by London College of Fashion [University of Arts, London] empowers Sri Lanka's Apparel and Fashion designers to become Internationally competitive. This three year degree in Fashion Design and Product Development takes professionals through the rigours, challenges and opportunities in design of International Fashion and what buyers are looking at.

Productivity Improvement Program

Productivity Improvement Program is designed with the help of two International Specialists. The program equips businesses with learning techniques to increase process efficiency in factories, resulting in higher productivity at lower costs, better quality and on-time delivery in a more "leaner" and more "effective" organization.

Cechnical Capabilities Enhancement Program

The program designed and run with the help of North Carolina University aims at strengthening the technical competence of the industry. The program equips Member Businesses with Diploma level qualification in Supply Chain Management and Integration, Technical Product Development and Industrial Engineering.

Vocational Training Centers Program

An Industry Development Program in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Clothing Industry Training Institute and Textile Training and Services Centre (CITI/TTSC) and the Vocational Training Authority (VTA). The program aims at imparting vocational training in eight different grass root level Apparel and Textiles disciplines through two state-of the-art Vocational Training Centres in Sri Lanka.

"Competence and Beyond" Program

"Competence and Beyond" is a key initiative that demonstrates the industry's passion to become a world-class manufacturer of textiles and apparel. This thoroughly researched document across industries and sectors, maps all the key job roles in the apparel and textile industries, articulating the skills, standards and knowledge areas relating to each job role, and is a first, not only for any industry in Sri Lanka, but for the textile and apparel industry worldwide.

"Backward Integration" Program

Aimed at establishing Sri Lanka Apparel as a self-sufficient industry and a regional hub, this program is aimed at attracting worldwide fabric and yarn manufacturers to set-up operations in Sri Lanka through a tailor-made investment program by the State Government and Board of Investments.

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