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A Global Apparel Destination like no other

The touristy brochures describe Sri Lanka as a ' land like no other', the same could apply to the Sri Lankan Apparel industry. It is a business like no other. For past 30 years we have been a leading innovator in the global supply chain that commands the confidence and trust of leading international brands like GAP, Victoria Secret, , Nike, Marks & Spencers, Abercrombie & Fitch, NEXT and many more.

However the start of the year 2002 saw the coming together of the State Government and the entire Apparel Industry under the aegis of Sri Lanka Apparel [also known as JAAF-Joint Apparel Association Forum] to promote Sri Lanka as a 'Preferred Sourcing Destination in the region through a 'Strategic Five Year Plan' that aimed at leveraging the following industry strengths:

1     Leadership in Ethical Manufacturing and Business Practices, an issue that is receiving greater global attention and preference bring in eco/green as well

2     Sophistication of operations and diversified portfolio that enables Sri Lanka Apparel to service very High-end Niche categories

3     Unique Competitive Advantage in terms of high level of co-operation that exists between the government and the private sector makes Sri Lanka one of the easiest places to set up and run a business. A very important factor, in the volatile world of fashion, and surely a rare aspect in this part of the world