Business Opportunities

Investing in Sri Lanka


A look at Sri Lanka's industry structure, human capital, enterprising nature of the private sector and government support suggests that Sri Lankan garments exports are moving along a path of sustained growth. From USD 3.4 Billion in 2010, the industry's growth is projected to be in the region of USD 5 Billion by 2015. To be able to grow even further we need to strengthen our `fabric to store' offering by making Sri Lanka complete in the value chain. In 2010, the Sri Lankan industry imported USD 1.2 billion worth of fabric, USD 300 million worth of yarn with non-textile inputs accounting for USD 168 million, in all totaling USD 1.6 billion.

As part of a robust backward integration program to make Sri Lanka self reliant in fabrics, raw materials and accessories, the Government and private sector have joined hands to set up world class special economic zones and attract international investments for textile development. Apart from the current captive market of US$ 1.6 billion from local Apparel exporters, investors will be able to favourably export under Free trade agreements with India and Pakistan.