Zolla launches advertising campaign in Sri Lanka

Zolla became the latest addition to our membership of SLASA and it’s now our member

Zolla, a fashion company from Russia launched its Zolla Fall – Winter advertisement campaign last week in Sri Lanka proving that Sri Lanka is becoming a key player in the Fashion industry of Russia. This is a stepping stone indeed for Sri Lanka to take the initiative in fashion and brand themselves in South Asia. Zolla is one of the best known fashion brands in the Russian Federation. It is an internal brand in Russia. They have over 300 clothing stores but the manufacturers are not in Russia. All the manufacturers are from China, Slovania and Sri Lanka.

20130719 2From Sri Lanka comes 15 percent of the production. So the idea is to attract and encourage more Sri Lankan manufacturers. This is a promotion for the Sri Lankan manufacturers. Zolla have performed this task every year in China but this time they have brought the event to Sri Lanka.

“Over the recent three years, we have witnessed a continuous growth of Zolla production in Sri Lanka. Even though our expectations about local manufacturers were quite optimistic when we first came here in 2010, they have managed to surpass our expectations. This event, is dedicated to the start of our annual Fall – Winter Advertisement campaign on all major media channels of Russia,” said CEO Alexey Shestakov. The first commercial for Spring Summer 2012, was created in Portugal, in the suburbs of Porto.