SRI LANKA: Stretchline launches Fit-U elastic to improve fit

Narrow fabrics and knitted elastics supplier Stretchline has launched a new elastic to help lingerie and activewear manufacturers improve fit and comfort for their customers. 

A spokesperson for Stretchline said the new Fit-U elastic is made with a "revolutionary" thermoplastic polyurethane elastomeric yarn. Unlike a normal elastic, which gets harder to pull the more it is stretched, the new elastic stretches more uniformly, putting an even pressure on the wearer across several body sizes.


The elastic, which is also considerably thinner than a elastic made with conventional yarns, is engineered to take into account the ideal amount of pressure most wearers are comfortable with. 


The elastic is intended for use in waistbands and bra straps. For bras it means wearers don't have to adjust the straps, leaving them free from metal or plastic hardware such as rings and slides. For waistbands, Fit-U can help minimise roll-over and irritation. 


Stretchline, which one of the largest producers of crochet, woven, jacquard and printed elastic, is a three way joint venture between Stretchline UK, Sri Lanka-based MAS Holdings and Brandot International Ltd in the US.


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