Raffles Colombo "Trash It" advances innovation in design sustainability

Raffles Colombo, recently held "Trash It", an exhibition showcasing garments and accessories constructed from waste materials, created by students from the departments of Fashion & Fashion Marketing where the entire space was transcended in to a work of art filled with creativity. This event was hosted by the academic team and the young talented students of Raffles Colombo with the initiative of Associate Professor Julie Ross (Academic Director).



The exhibition was a very unique and one of a kind show, where the concept of sustainability and conscientious design were the main grounds for developing exhibits. This was also an opportunity for the students to showcase their talents in designing garments and accessories, constructed out of specific waste materials. The students were given a specific list of materials and guidelines for each group to adhere for the competition.


into three dimensional forms designed to inspire and intrigue, in terms of concept and technical execution.Some of the materials used in the construction of the garments and accessories included: rice or flour bags, fabric remnants, old magazines, newspapers and bottle tops; sewn, glued, drilled and stretched


Alex Quah Director of Raffles Colombo said "This exhibition truly demonstrates the professionalism and innovation of the students who are not only original in conceptualization but also responsible in their design approach".


The Judging panel consisted of some of the prestigious names in the Industry; Ms. Gail Temple of MAS Industries, Mr. Dominic Sansoni of Barefoot Pvt. Ltd as well as Professor Graeme Britton (Vice President of Academics of Raffles Education Systems and Raffles Colombo).


"Judging so many great designs was a tough job" said Ms. Gayle Temple MAS Industries whilst giving her feedback to the students. Mr. Dominic Sansoni also said that he is amazed by the talent of these young individuals and wanted visit us more often. The winning team comprised of Ms. Rannilu Singapulige, Bloomy Seyana, Sahani Sumenasena and Suvini Desilva with their gorgeous evening dress done out of Bottle caps.


Raffles Colombo being a part of the prestigious Raffles system is the hub of education. Raffles is the "largest and most Global Education Provider in South East Asia being present in 14 countries across 34 cities. Raffles Corporation is home to 33,000 students providing Advanced Diplomas, Degrees and Masters Programs. Raffles Colombo now provides the luxury of studying the Bachelor of Design Degree in Sri Lanka, accommodating local and International students.