SRI LANKA: Brandix selects first "game-changing" innovations

The first of the potential "game-changing" apparel solutions that will be offered support by Sri Lankan exporter Brandix Group focus on speeding product development and time to market.


Three start-ups have been accepted into the Disrupt Unlimited incubator launched by Brandix earlier this year, and will receive financial and technical support and mentoring to help commercialise their innovations.




Of the three, 'Generation Epsilon' is redesigning the sample approval process in bra production to give customers a better fit and accelerate time to market.


'Enhanzer Innovation' is creating a platform to integrate with customer order systems and streamline the product development process.


And 'DoInnov' is developing a virtual order reference system to maximise accuracy and efficiency in the manufacturing process.


"Some of the challenges are big stuff that can make a substantial difference to the way things are done not only on a local scale but on the international scale as well," said Brandix Group director Udena Wickremesooriya.


Separately, the apparel group is backing an Innovation Award at the Sri Lanka Robotics Challenge carried out each year at the country's Moratuwa University.


For the inaugural Brandix Innovation Award, contenders have been challenged to build a robotic arm that can pick up single pieces of fabric from a stack and place them in a reverse-order stack within a specified area, within five minutes. The entire stack may not be picked up at once, reversed in the air and placed in the new location, and the pieces of fabric cannot be damaged or folded in the process.


The team that produces the best fabric handling robotic arm will receive a cash prize and an opportunity to build the robot - which may then be implemented at Brandix facilities in Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh.


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