The Sri Lanka Apparel: Elevating Fashionably to its Mastery


Today, Sri Lanka stands strong as one of the premier fashion and apparel outsourcing hubs in the world, possessing a wealth of long established culture which represents ethical entrepreneurship and sustainability. At present, the country is on a seamless and relentless process of setting up a unique platform to accomplish its ascendancy through superior quality, incomparable turnaround time and adoption of state-of-the-art technology.

Amidst the harsh competition from numerous global contenders within the sphere of apparel manufacturing, Sri Lanka has taken a bold initiative to mark its signature in the global apparel arena by building the competitive edge over “Value” as oppose to “Volume”.

This significant transition indicates the country’s readiness and also its maturity in terms of the developed and sophisticated infrastructure, to optimize efficacy of the supply chain, which is a demand of great importance towards aligning with future market trends.

Compelled ethical standards to ensure sustainability, instant connectivity through technological advancements, dynamic transportation and logistics systems, unique creativity backed by state-of-the-art technology and the labor skill-set with a passion for consistent delivery of excellence along with a stabilized economic and commerce background has rendered the vibrant nation of diverse potentials, a momentous boost towards supremacy.

“The continuous success is heavily based on the sincere global relationships built by all the players in the industry over the years and it further strengthens” said M P. T. Cooray, Secretary General of the Joint Apparel Association Forum (JAAF).

The industry has positioned itself as the apparel hub of the entire South Asian Region. Stating on the strategic location Mr. Cooray further added that “Sri Lanka has the highest per capita of apparel exports in Asia and by harnessing the regional strengths, the country could effortlessly thrive in positioning the South Asian region as a strong competitor, second to China”

Sri Lanka has strategically nurtured its supply chain to reach its target of USD 8.5 Bn in the year 2020.The industry has proven its capacity by recording a significant growth of USD 4.3 Bn in 2013 and indicates a further progression with its current achievement of USD 2.3 Bn by June 2014”.

With the proven excellence during the yester-years, Sri Lanka has brought the change into the Sri Lankan Apparel with the introduction of innovative technology; wearable electronics, eco-friendly fabric treatment etc. to further strengthen the areas of design management, inventory management and product life cycle management.

By taking ‘Designing’ to its pinnacle, the country has introduced intangible assets through her very own home grown brands of international repute such as Amante, Arugambay, Avirate and Adithi which already gained recognition and acceptance in regional markets.

The journey from Sri Lanka’s humble beginnings is replaced today with modern technologies and sophisticated machinery, speedy delivery and the presence in digital and e-commerce platforms. Sri Lanka is moving aggressively towards digitalization through e- commerce, e- business and virtual business, which enables a direct link to the European markets which operates in the age of digital presence.

Amidst this gamut of revolutions, the industry is driven towards the fully integrated digital value chain, which creates a distinction on Sri Lanka Apparel; “Sri Lanka is Future”.

Sri Lanka is the undoubted manufacturing facility to many world renowned brands like Victoria’s Secret, Gap, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger and etc. The unique state-of-the-art technology blended with the distinctive quality, accuracy and speedy delivery has upholstered the gaps of the global supply chain. Use of modern machinery to master the tiny edges with high end finishing techniques has leveraged this beautiful resplendent island to stand among the rest. Local factories and other infrastructure facilities can be classified as best in class. They conform to the highest standards in building construction ensuring safety and security of " people and machinery.

“Sri Lanka Apparel is experiencing a significant shift of its markets due to its continuous sustainable growth over the years. The total share of exports to United States from Sri Lanka alone has increased by 6.7 percent compared to yesteryear. This is a remarkable achievement” emphasized Mr. Cooray.

Sri Lanka which is quite aptly described as The Pearl of the Indian Ocean, possess multifaceted natural resources, is in a good standing with Eco fashion. This significant part of the growing design philanthropy has embraced the Sri Lankan apparel industry with an indefinite support of environmentalism and social responsibility. This comes quite naturally as Sri Lanka enjoys abundance of natural resources and all we need to do is its application.

The nation defines it’s sustainability upon Triple Bottom Line approach. The three dimensional approach, People-Planet-Profit, created the preferential access to the global market place to reach its mastery.

Acquiring a world class certification on its primary sources of the supply chain is another jewel in the crown of Sri Lanka apparel. LEED (Platinum) certification by U.S. Green Building Council was awarded to many of its manufacturing plants ensuring the best green design categories: sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy &atmosphere, materials &resources and indoor environmental quality. This process has further enhanced the character of the industry by lowering carbon foot print, environmental pollution and many others.

Sri Lanka has always been recognized for its magnificent accomplishments many times at majestic forums for its excellence in quality manufacturing, green manufacturing, quick delivery of service etc.

Several of Sri Lanka’s leading apparel manufacturing companies has received international accolades over the years for their dedication and commitment towards earth friendly initiatives alongside their core business responsibilities. These companies are recipients of awards for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design best known as LEEDS, for the green building concepts.

The country has a “pool “of a labor skill-set and other second to none expertise in design, efficient logistics services for speedy delivery, reliability and assurance, which are the most critical factors in today’s manufacturing environment.

The remarkable after sales services provided by Sri Lankan apparel arena should be discussed with a key note.

Unceasing growth over the years enables Sri Lanka apparel to sharpen its saw by mastering its speedy delivery, reliability, assurance, unique design, skilled labor and flexibility in legislations through cultural peace in mind. Further, the rapid development in infrastructure has fortified the industry to reach its super brand status. This innovatory change proves that Sri Lanka- the premier fashion and apparel outsourcing hub –is elevating “Fashionably to its Mastery”.